Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Seafront Tea Rooms Book Review

I am sure you are all fully aware for my love of tea and cake so how could I resist a story involving tea rooms?

I haven't read Vanessa Greene's first novel called the Vintage Teacup
but if this one is anything to go by, I know it will be fantastic.

The novel is about three completely different women who all have their own objectives; single mum Kat who is trying to do the best for her son whilst struggling financially and with the demands of her ex, Charlie a career driven woman who is creating a project for her pushy work and looking after her sister who's in a domestic mess and a French au pair Seraphine who is struggling with the pressures of her families expectations and the love of her life.

The common link between the three is Letty the owner of the Seafront Tea room, a beautiful old fashioned and secret tea room. Brought together by their love of tea and cake the three then start a journey to help charlie discover quaint tea rooms for the feature in her works magazine. Throughout the novel the girls develop a friendship like no other and discover themselves.

The short chapters make this novel very 'moreish' and I had many of those 'just one more chapter' moments before bed.

To conclude this book is a lovely, gentle and easy read with very like able characters. I found it as a perfect way to escape from revision and into my own dreams of one day opening a tea room myself.


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