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Well Walk - Cheltenham

Cheltenham, also known as Cheltenham spa, is a large spa town and borough in Gloucestershire, England, located on the edge of the Cotswold's. With beautiful greenery and historic buildings Cheltenham is perfect for a weekend away.

We visited the town during March for a break.
Well Walk was the first tea room we visited, its appearance somewhat reminded me of the buildings in diagon alley (Harry Potter). Situated next to Cheltenham's historic St. Mary's church its black quaint appearance draws you in to explore inside.

 On our arrival they were very busy but the staff found us a table very quickly and efficiently. In particular there was this one man with dark curly hair who was extremely chatty. This time my little sister was with us and she found the waiter very funny.

The tea room itself is very mature and many children would find it boring.
My little sister struggles with tea room food so we are always apprehensive on how the staff at the tea room will react to her eating her own food. Well walk tea room were extremely accommodating to her and even offered to bring her a little plate for her goodies.

The tables at Well Walk are preprepared and you already have a cup, saucer and side plate. This idea paid off when the waitress brought our order as it meant she had less stuff to carry. Our china was a mixture between oriental and floral patterns. Two very different styles but fitted well together. 

The menus reminded of the Victorian era with strong black writing against a faded background. They were laminated to obviously prevent them from ruining. 

A pot of tea costs £1.75 and there are so may delightful flavours to chose from. However they are tea bags not loose teas. If you do wish to have one of their "speciality teas" it cost a little extra at £1.95. In my opinion this is how it should be done, giving you the choice between the two. 

The cakes were presented on a wooden antique cabinet which fitted the tea room perfectly.
But by placing them near the window, the cakes are more likely to sweat and turn.
There were 13 items on offer ranging from luxurious lemon meringue to kids krispie treats.

We ordered two pieces of cake, the cherry and almond and my favourite Victoria sponge.

Both of these slices were disappointing small, my mother and  tend to cut the cakes in half and share but we struggled to do so because of the size.

The Victoria Sandwich had very little jam and the sponge was very pale. This pale complexion makes it more unappealing. 

The cherry and almond was ridiculously small and crumbled when we tried to cut it, the sponge itself was soggy and the cherries were too sour. We both strongly disliked it so we re-ordered.

For our second attempt we picked something a little different to avoid the sizing issue and went for a well walk tiffin.
This was much better, made with thick chocolate containing raisin sand  rice krispies and then topped with white chocolate stars. It had a rich taste but not too sickly.

                                    The Shop
After indulging ourselves we tea and cake we took a little visit to the top level which was an antique shop, there was evidently no heating upstairs as it was freezing so unfortunately we did not want to look round for long.

I was thoroughly impressed by the diversity of antique gifts.
 There was also another shop level in the basement, this containing more children related items and was a lot more colourful.

Overall I would rate my experience at Well Walk Tea Room - 4 Stars

Cleanliness - 2 Stars
Staff - 5 Stars
Tea - 5 Stars
Cake - 2 Stars
Location - 5 Stars
Crockery - 5 Stars
Design - 4 Stars
Child Friendly - 3 Stars


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