Sunday, 19 July 2015

A Little Love Book Review

A Little Love is the first book I have read by Amanda Prowse, this story touched my heart and made me value the importance of family as well as realise that falling in love has no age limit.
Set in Mayfair, London. Pru Plum owns a sophisticated patisserie with her wacky cousin Milly. Her pastries are world famous and her cakes devoured by the rich and famous.
Pru is a confident and successful woman but her life lacks love. Which she believes the secrets from her dark past prevent men from ever getting close to her.

However when Christopher Heritage enters the scene, love is in the air. Then tragedy strikes and secrets are unravelled slowly by suspense. Now at risk of losing both her business and her true love, Pru has to do what's right which means she has to face the terrible and emotional struggle she suffered to reach her dream, all over again.

I loved all the characters and their portrayal. Milly's quirky jokes had me in stitches and I believe Pru is a remarkable character as she demonstrates the pain women go through in the business world.
I was very curious to find out what Pru was hiding and due to this curiosity I found it very hard to put down!
The book also proves that love only happens when the time is right whether that be when you're 16, 20 or 65.
I would thoroughly recommend this book to anyone, especially single mums or women with a strong mind set.


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