Saturday, 4 July 2015

The Teashop on the Corner Book Review

Milly Johnson has written many books that have taken my fancy, but The Teashop on the Corner is  the first one that I chose to read, and what a good choice that was!
This book is just as beautiful as it cover and was an absolute joy to read filled with romance, friendship and trust.

 The Teashop owner Leni has an interesting concept and sets up a tea room themed around classic literature but behind the flowery dresses and happy go lucky attitude, Leni is desperately unhappy.

Supplying scrumptious cake the tea shop gains regulars, these regulars lives then unfold revealing all sorts of secrets and demons.
Carla's husband has just died but with his death she learnt a horrid secret which reveals he was not the man she thought he was.
Business man Will has lost everything from his wife to his business and home.
Lovely but lonely Molly has been heartbroken for years and now out of the blue her love returns.
Bitter and opinionated Shaun constantly throws himself into his work to distract himself from his thoughts. However he can't help but fall for a particular woman in the story.
Finally there's Ryan, a boy who's family are ether in jail or dealing drugs. He apples for a job and Leni's heart is touched by how skinny and scruffy he is,so she offers him a Saturday job and feeds him despite the criticism of Shaun.

 Tears are shed, truths are uncovered and laughter is shared and second chances are in store for them all.

As there are few characters in the book it is written from several alternating view points but I never found myself getting confused by the changes in perspective.
It was a sweet, easy and enjoyable read, I would thoroughly recommend it to all.


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