Saturday, 22 August 2015

A Taste of love Book Review

Alice, a divorcee and a mum to grown up kids. She is working as a supply in a bog standard desk job and she hates it. With a passion for cooking and a need for money Alice decides to ditch the desk job and open up a cookery her kitchen.

The book then splits into different sections where you are introduced to her new ten students and learn why they opted to join the cookery group. Unfortunately I do think that there is too many characters and I did find myself getting confused between the women in the novel.

Alice herself is a very likeable character with warm qualities and a good nature. She certainly has her hands full trying to teach a group with such a range of ability to turn out perfectly-cooked feasts every Tuesday night. Along the way, many of the characters undergo epiphanies as the transformation under Alice's guidance, influence of her character and cooking skills take effect.
You will also find your mouth watering during certain parts of the book as Marita describes the food very effectively.

It is a lovely light read and despite the confusion I had, I did enjoy it, I believe it is a good story line but is poorly written in certain parts.


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