Monday, 31 August 2015

Camilla's Tea Room - Narbeth

Narbeth is a small town is Pembrokeshire, South West Wales. Full of unique and independent shops and packed with small hotels, B&Bs, camp-sites, caravan sites and rent able cottages surrounding the area, Narbeth receives a lot of visitors as it is a lovely tourist attraction.
We visited Narbeth many times, during our break as we were staying in a lovely cottage outside of the town. I read about Camilla's tea room when I was doing some research for our trip. 

Inside Camilla's tea room the decor appears like a log cabin, with oak furniture and a large oak stove. It was extremely cute and cosy, just what we needed! When we arrived the atmosphere felt tranquil and relaxed as we were the only customers. There is also beautiful paintings hung on the wall which have been painted by the owners sister. However the floor was quite dirty and their were many cobwebs, this may be due to the the wood but it did not give the right impression of the tea room. 
The Tea
Camilla's had many teas on offer which were all loose leaf, ranging from earl grey to orange and passion fruit. She also had them lined up on her counter so they were easy to see and read. The tea came in teapots and you were given a tea strainer to pour onto above your cup. I tried the orange and passion fruit tea. It was a purple coloured tea, with a beautiful aroma and an extremely refreshing taste. My sister also ordered a raspberry lemonade luckily she enjoyed it, as their cold beverage menu was very poor and sparse.

The Cake
We ordered the two cakes that were on offer, the lemon and lavender cake and the blueberry and almond cake. I felt for a tearoom Camilla's lacked afternoon treats like cake and biscuits. Her scones were also shop bought scones (which were in packets on show) which I was extremely disappointed by, its not that hard to make scones! 

The blueberry and almond cake was lovely, the sponge was almond flavoured and contained ground almonds. Then topped with blueberries and flaked almonds it had a moist texture and a slightly sweet taste.

The lemon and lavender left us very down hearted. The sponge itself was very dry and lacked lemon flavouring. It felt like all we received was a lavender cake. Unfortunately we could not eat it so we asked for another piece of blueberry and almond cake.

Camilla's is the best tea room and coffee shop in Narbeth but that is because there is not a lot of choice. It is very unusual and I did love the paintings but it lacks cake choice and cleanliness.

Overall I would rate my experience at Camilla's Tea Room - 3 Stars

Cleanliness - 2 Stars
Staff - 4 Stars
Tea - 5 Stars
Cake - 5 Stars
Location - 4 Stars
Crockery - 4 Stars
Design - 5 Stars
Child Friendly - 1 Stars


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