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Cuthberts Bakehouse - Liverpool

Liverpool, the city of culture. Home to The Beatles, Albert Dock and so much more. Cuthberts bakehouse was originally a shop situated in Mount Pleasant, near John Moores University. Now it is successful tea room, still offering cakes but now a whole lot more.

I visited on a hot summers day back in June, Liverpool was roasting and we were very grateful for a sit down and a relax.
The tea room is designed beautifully with pale blue walls and cream coving and a lovely fireplace.
I thought the cake display was lovely, the scone stand was very different and caught my attention.

When you walk in it is unclear on what to do, the till is in the middle and with front of house staff.
It was full and extremely stuffy so we felt uncomfortable standing around like a pair of wet lemons.

Eventually when we caught someone's attention we were seated. We decided to sit outside in the back under a lovely canopy. The sun was shining and the atmosphere was charming.
It was very calm and relaxing and the staff were extremely polite to us.

We were disappointed to be given laminated plain menus which was not what we expected. They could certainly do more with their presentation.

The menu contained a variety of wonderful lunch time savoury options and sweet treats. There was however a limited tea choice. We chose tea, cakes and a bottle of  rose lemonade to cool ourselves down.

The Lemonade

This was my first time trying rose lemonade, I have always been intrigued by the fentimans brand and due to the hot weather I thought it was a perfect day to try it. It was delicious, refreshing and different. The rose gave t a completely unique taste to regular lemonade. 

The Tea
The tea came in porcelain teapots as china would not be suitable outside, I do understand they do not want breakages but nonetheless I was a little sad, as a tea room isn't a tearoom without china!

The Cake
 We ordered the carrot cake and caramel shortbread slice to share. Both came on large white plates and were of a good size.

The carrot cake was a very moist sponge with large raisins, chopped walnuts and a hint of cinnamon. Then topped with cream cheese frosting and more chopped walnuts.
It had a soft dense texture and was very sweet and fruity.

The caramel shortbread, had melted slightly due to the hot weather, so the chocolate wasn't as nice and it could of been, maybe on hot days Cuthberts would do better storing it in a fridge.  The caramel was sweet and not too sickly but again it too had melted. Therefore it was a bit soggy. I did however, love the design of the chocolate on the top

Normally I wouldn't mention the bathrooms, but the Cutberts toilet was very off putting, it was very unclean and there was a urinal and toilet together eww! However despite this, I will probably return again as I did enjoy my experience. 

Overall I would rate my experience at Cuthbert's Bakehouse - 4 Stars

Cleanliness - 4 Stars
Staff - 5 Stars
Tea - 4 Stars
Cake - 4 Stars
Location - 4 Stars
Crockery - 1 Stars
Design - 3 Stars
Child Friendly - 2 Stars


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