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Alice's Tea room - Lytham St Annes

Lytham St Annes is situated on the Fydle coast, south of Blackpool Lancashire. Known for the golfing history and wealth it is a lovely place to visit in spring and summer.
We visited within the month of April this year. The weather had a cool breeze but the sun was warm. 
After our trip to the tea room we took a stroll along the pier buy the sea. The tranquillity of being by the sea seemed to sooth our sorry and sad souls from the stress of our lifestyles, I took my camera and snapped away whilst my mum sat on a wooden bench under the spring sun.
Me snapping 
Not my photo
Alice's tea room is themed around Alice in wonderland and is most definitely the most bonkers tea room I have ever been to. When we arrived it was mad busy despite being a school week day. Due to the warm weather many had come in for ice cream in the ice cream parlour section of the tea room. The tea room has three different seating areas, the front: outside in the sunshine, the first room: near the till and display and the second room : which is where the ice cream parlour section is. From the front I do not think the tea room looks at all appealing with black fascia boards and artificial grass. I the mismatch appearance gives the wrong impression of what lays inside.

When you walk in, you immediately look up, as the ceiling is decorated as the floor; it is very amusing, especially for little children. It took us a while to find a table and we eventually ended up sitting on a small toadstool near the window. We were then greeted by a lovely waitress named Bella who was very friendly and bubbly. We ordered our tea and sat back to try and relax...but there is one thing you should know about Alice's tea room it is not a relaxing tea room. The atmosphere is chaotic, the colours are vibrant and the noise level is loud. So I would say its perfect for children but not for two friends trying to have a chat.
However the toilet at Alice's tea room is very exciting as it is designed as a passage to wonderland and inside it is equipped with luscious hand soaps and creams!
The Tea
 The drinks menu at Alice's Tea Room is very impressive ranging from freshly brewed loose leaf tea in china crockery to special flavoured cordials, potions and milkshakes. I ordered the Rose Congou Tea, a white tea with a strong rose flavour. It was a very soothing tea despite the strong rose kick.

The Cakes
The cakes at Alices are wild! They are all wacky colours or wacky flavours and very captivating. As we went in April there were many Easter themed cakes such as: creme egg cake and mini egg cake. Their exclusive wonderland cake is always available and had multicoloured sponges and bright icing. 
I personally found many of the cakes off-putting so it took me a while to choose. In the end we picked angel cake and a scone. I personally believed that Alice's are lacking some tradition i.e. a Coffee and Walnut or Victoria Sponge wouldn't go a miss.
Surprisingly the Angel cake was the least colourful of all the cakes. It had three sponges two pink, one yellow separated by icing and strawberry jam. Then decorated with butter icing and sprinkles. Very similar to the Mr Kipling Angel cakes it was very sweet with strong bursts of vanilla against the icing. However this angel cake was slightly different due to the jam. The jam gave it more flavour and therefore more taste.
The scone was delivered with both strawberry jam and cream, it had plenty of raisins and a crunchy outing. It was also very fresh and had a brilliant texture.

Overall I would rate my experiences at Alice's Tea Room - 4 stars

Cleanliness - 4 Stars
Staff - 5 Stars
Tea - 5 Stars
Cake - 4 Stars
Location - 5 Stars
Crockery - 5 Stars
Design - 5 Stars
Child Friendly - 5  Stars


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