Thursday, 10 September 2015

Armstrong Ward Cafe - Kendall

I'm Kendal is in south of the lake district, it is a market town with both unique shops and your regular high street stores. The river Kent runs through Kendall and is beautiful all year round.
Every year Kendal throw a wonderful _ with music and entertainment on each street.
However my favourite thing about Kendal isn't the festival, or the tranquil river, its not even the famous Kendall mint cake. No my favourite thing about Kendal is the houses the  grey bricked cottages with unique designs and of course Armstrong ward the beautiful shop and cafe.
Armstong ward shop sells both furniture and branned items like Emma Bridgewater and Cath Kidston. In the basement on the right hand side is a small cafe, it has a pale blue and grey theme with speckles of light colour dotted around, like the peach in the wallpaper. There is around 10 tables of all different sizes, each with a milk bottle contain a flower and sugar cubes in jars.

Armstrong Ward's staff are also so kind hearted and attentive. They will always go out of their way to make conversation with you.

The Tea
Unfortunately the tea does come in my pet hate.......mental teapots. I believe this is probably the only thing that lets the cafe down. All their teas are loose leaf and my favourite is the rose tea a delicately perfumed tea with actual rose petals. 

The Cake
 There is a variety of cakes displayed on the counter top ranging from brownies and Victoria sandwich. When we went we ordered a carrot cake and a blueberry and yoghurt cake to share.  

The carrot cake was a one flavoured sponge filled with spices, nuts and raisins. Topped with a thick cream cheese buttercream, more walnuts and orange zest. Presented on a plain white plate with a fork. 

Due to the spices the cake had a rich but yet sweet taste and the raisins and nuts gave it a similar texture to a moist fruit and nut cake.

The yoghurt and blueberry cake, was also one moist sponge and a hint of vanilla yoghurt and juicy blueberries at the bottom. Finished with a layer of thick yoghurt butter cream. This cake is to die for, it is very unusual but tastes divine. The blueberries give a tart but still semi-sweet taste which contrasts well with the icing.

Overall I would rate my experiences at Armstrong Ward Cafe - 5 stars

Cleanliness - 5 Stars
Staff - 5 Stars
Tea - 4 Stars
Cake - 5 Stars
Location - 5 Stars
Crockery - 1 Stars
Design - 4 Stars
Child Friendly - 1 Stars


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