Wednesday, 30 September 2015

For the love of Cake - Abergavenny

During our holiday to Pembrokeshire, we visited Abergavenny. Abergavenny is a wonderful small market town complete with fresh mountain air and beautiful scenery.

For the Love of Cake is nestled in the heart of Abergavenny, owned by the fabulous lady pictured above. Odette (the owner) will always greet everyone with a smile and her attentive attitude. I found that her positive serenity created the pleasant and warm atmosphere.
She seated us in the upstairs back corner, which was perfect for us, as it was just enough out of the way from the hustle and bustle.

When we arrived there was very little cake left, we immediately considered leaving but then Odette informed us she could open any cake outside. Out the front, the Tea room had a 'take away' stall complete with chocolate cakes, lemon cakes, carrot cakes and many more! I think that by offering visitors to the tea room the option of opening any of these cakes is a fantastic idea.

The Drinks
Luckily for this little one, there was many cool beverages. She ordered a cooled welsh apple juice which came with a huge beer style mug, she felt like she was drinking beer!
Unfortunately for us, there was a limited tea choice as the tea room was waiting for the delivery of their new fancy loose leaf blends. So I had a plain green tea blend.

However For the love of cake did something I had never seen before in a tea room, logolised tea pots. Of course I have see this in large chain cafes such as costa etc but never in a tea room! This idea is an alternative twist on your regular vintage bone china tea rooms.

The Cakes 
The cakes at For the love of cake are made by clams handmade cakes, a local artisan bakery.
We ordered a slice of the lemon cake and after a long time browsing we asked if she could open the carrot cake.

The lemon cake was a moist thick buttery sponge with a sweet taste of lemon. The layer of buttercream through the middle was also thick and very sweet.
I would recommended to any sweet toothed lemon lover.

The Carrot Cake was beautiful and it was opened especially for us, it tasted even better. The sponges were rich with spices, nuts and raisins a perfect carrot cake sponge. The filling and topping was a plain vanilla thick butter cream.

Another great point to For the love of cake is the music which completed the cosy atmosphere. When we visited 1940s annd 50s songs were played on a gorgeous record player.
The only downside to this tea room is that unfortunately there is no customer toilet!

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at For the love of cake, after a chat to the owner about my tea room travels and how far I had come to visit her tea room. She was thrilled to hear about my dreams of opening my own tea room some day. So she suggested I had a picture behind the gorgeous till.
Here I am enjoying the moment!

Overall I would rate my experience at For the love of Cake - 5 stars

Cleanliness - 4 Stars
Staff - 5 Stars
Tea - 4 Stars
Cake - 5 Stars
Location - 5 Stars
Crockery - 5 Stars
Design - 4 Stars
Child Friendly - 4  Stars


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