Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Mad Hatters Tea Shop and Patisserie - Longton

Longton is around 5 miles south west of Preston and is a small village of ancient origin.
From the outside Mad hatters Teashop and Patisserie looks delightful and very inviting with its pastel front. There is also some seats outside for when the hot weather appears.

Inside the interior is prominently pastel blue and pink with an unusual counter at the far end. The tales range from table for twos to table for sixes, they are neatly lined up in three rows. All lined with a pvc spotty tablecloth.

However this is very badly designed as you have to walk through all the customers who are trying to have a relaxing time (as you can see my mother doing below).

When we arrived the girls were very flushed so we ordered and quickly sat down.
We had only come for tea and cake  but my mum did want to have a browse through the menu to see what food they had to offer, however there was no menu on our table!

I was also shocked to find that the tablecloth on our table was also very dirty near the edges and near my lap.

Nevertheless the china at Mad Hatters is in keeping to the d├ęcor. As you will see below all the china was either pale blue or pale pink with a gold and white rim all of our crockery was in excellent condition.

The Tea
The tea at Mad Hatters came in a large plain white teapot half-full but containing two tea bags inside, this meant that the tea was extremely strong and we had to ask for the teapots to be filled up with more water. I can not really comment much about the tea as it was just a standard green tea bag. (probably from the local store). However I can slightly compliment Mad Hatters on the sweet little biscuit that I received on the side of my saucer but unfortunately they forgot to pop one on the side of my mums.

The Cake
In Mad Hatters there was many cream filled pastries and treats. They had very few actual sponge cakes to offer. We ordered a mini carrot cake square and a triple layered Victoria sponge.

The Carrot was a lovely shape and decorated very smooth icing and a simple but ever so cute chocolate-tasting carrot. The icing was very sweet and contained a strong taste of vanilla.
The sponge itself was very plain and lacked flavour. It would of been much more tasteful if it contained cinnamon, raisins or walnuts like the other carrot cakes I have tried.

I was extremely excited to dig into the Victoria sponge, I have never seen a triple layered version of the classic ever before in a tea room. But to my disappointment it was like a sickly vanilla-tasting birthday cake.
We instantly decided not to eat it and order something else.
So instead we tried a fruit scone with jam, luckily the jam was perfect but the scone was too soft. It was very similar to a mass produced factory one leaving a very bad after taste.

Overall I would rate my experience at Mad Hatters Patisserie - 2 stars

Cleanliness - 3 Stars
Staff - 2 Stars
Tea - 1 Stars
Cake - 1 Stars
Location - 3 Stars
Crockery - 5 Stars
Design - 2 Stars
Child Friendly - 2 Stars


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