Monday, 9 November 2015

Alfazema e Chocolate - Funchal Madeira

After arriving in Madeira on the Monday , we were eager to take a trip into the main city called Funchal. Funchal has high cultural and historic value, therefore it attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. There are many high street shop as well as independent Portuguese style shops. Filled with many cafes and high class restaurants, you are always spoilt for choice.

We took a holiday to Madeira in October half term to visit my grandparents.

One day ,when we decided to head back to the bus area, we noticed this outside the cable car starting point.
A tiny door with the sign tea room!!!! Unfortunately we had already eaten so we made a promise to return the next day after our walk in the hills.

After our strenuous but enjoyable walk we arrived at the tiny tea room. The stairs led up to a mini apartment like landing. Straight ahead was clearly someone's home and to your right was the tea room.
The counter area and kitchen was all together. The tea room itself was a small room with four tables, with additional seating outside. This balcony area  was used as a coffee bar. This area was too small to eat on but wonderful for a coffee.
Each table was covered with a plain white table cloth and then decorated lace doilies; a Portuguese tradition.

Also on each table was a pot of paper flowers which were handmade, this is a lovely personal touch.
These flowers were also taped to the wall facing the kitchen.
I really loved the bird mobile pictured above hanging from a window as the birds were made from music sheets.
The rest of the tea room was a green-yellow colour with an old fashioned Victorian style wallpaper on one wall.

After taking our seats (inside) the waitress brought us the menus.
Their menus are presented on a small clipboard and are very pretty. There is a few sandwiches and salads to pick from and many loose leaf teas! We ordered two teas, a scone and the orange mascarpone cake.

The Teas
However many of the tea labelled weren't the actual teas they had.....very confusing. I ordered a lemon green and was told they only had green!
The tea comes in large tea pots and the leaves are folded into a special filter paper. This was great as we did not need to ask for any more water or fiddle around with a tea strainer.
Alfazema e chocolate serve their drinks in delicate china cups, I love the rose cup and saucer I was given.

The Cakes
The scone was brought with a small ramekin of jam and unfortunately was warmed. I really do believe that people should give you the choice of a warm or cold scone as we then had to wait for the scone to cool down.
Even though it was labelled as a raisin scone, the amount of raisins was minuscule.

 However the Portuguese style of strawberry jam is delicious. It was very similar to the French brand bonne maman jam.

The orange mascarpone cake was a three layer bundt cake, with two types of jam and covered with mascarpone frosting. It was tangy but yet sweet at the same time.

Overall I would rate my experience at Alfazema e Chocolate - 4 stars

Cleanliness - 3 Stars
Staff - 5 Stars
Tea - 3 Stars
Cake - 4 Stars
Location - 5 Stars
Crockery - 5 Stars
Design - 3 Stars
Child Friendly - 0 Stars


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