Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Polly's Cupcakes (Catkins of Haworth) - Haworth

After reading about the Haworth Christmas markets, my family and I took a trip to Haworth on a cold December only to never actually find the markets. Instead we stumbled across a craft fair, morris dancers and some lovely boutiques.
Haworths 'Main street' is a cobbled road very much like steep hill in Lincoln with a climb to the top.

The rain continuously poured so we stopped at a local cafe for a drink, some warmth and of course cake.
Catkins of Haworth is a small gift shop which sells home ware and handmade products such as teddy bears. The shop is combined with 'Polly cupcakes' cafe, it is hard to distinguish where exactly the shop ends and the cafe starts. This caused many interruptions by shoppers mooching through the gifts. This could also be said about the warmth of the cafe, due to the amount of shoppers the door is left open and due to the cafe not be separate, the cold floats in as frequently as the shoppers do.

The cafe may be called Polly cupcakes but actually I couldn't see any cupcakes for sale, so we ordered a carrot cake and a coffee and walnut. We sat on the furthest table away from the front door, which was actually by the toilet, which was outside.

All the crockery was porcelain and matched. With pictures of cartoon cupcakes on them they fitted very well with the theme and looked very cute.

The coffee and walnut was extremely sweet but I really liked the texture of the sponge. However I would of personally enjoyed more walnuts on the icing or perhaps there could of been some in the sponge?
The carrot too was very sweet but luckily contained lots of raisins which I was very pleased. This carrot cake also did not contain nuts.

After our cakes we also asked for our teapots to be topped up with water, to our disappointed they were only filled up to half way.

Pollys cupcakes is not a well known tea room/ cafe and only has 3-4 tables.

Overall I would rate my experience at Polly's Cupcakes - 2 stars

Cleanliness - 3 Stars
Staff - 3 Stars
Tea - 5 Stars
Cake - 3 Stars
Location - 3 Stars
Crockery - 3 Stars
Design - 1 Stars
Child Friendly - 0 Stars

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