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My 2015 in pictures

January, the start of a rough year.
 At the beginning of the month my best friend came to stay, unfortunately she lives miles away so I don't get to see her often. Her lively presence brightened up the house and made me feel great! She definitely gave the year a great start.
She actually took the second photo which is of me and my mum sat in our favourite tea room. As you can see we both look tired and extremely fragile.

The third photo is of the invitations I made for my sisters birthday party, she held a movie night for all of her friends. It was a huge success and despite the noise we all enjoyed the night.

The final photo from January is a pair of flower earrings from a small tea room gift shop. I love the pastel-mint colour petals as works well with the gold elements.

February, the cold month. 
Most days in February were freezing and being so ill I had to wrap up all the time. In fact I don't think I ever took that pink cardigan off. The first picture is of my first ever trip to one of my favourite tea rooms which is in Chester. The cake was gorgeous and the atmosphere was so pleasant. It was after this trip that I hit a pivotal moment in my life, I had finally decided what I wanted to do. I came to the conclusion that (when the time is right), I want to open my own tea room. I knew that with a bit of practice I could become a brilliant baker and I already had the eye for interior design and the ambition for a business. I just had to get better first. I was not going to achieve anything if I was a skeleton.

The second and third picture is of mine and my mums trip to Dulcie Butterfly, a fine tea room in Boston Spa. We travelled all day especially for the visit and it was wonderful. The owner was incredible, she was a florist, photographer and tea room owner all in one.
My mum had just recently got her hair done and she went from ugly jet black spiky man-hair to a gorgeous red 60s-style hair do. The difference is amazing.
After the trip my urge to start a tea room became even stronger.

During the February half term, we all went on a little break to Nottingham and Lincoln.
As you can see by the fourth photo we definitely needed a break. My sister was chubby and unhealthy and I was thin and unhealthy. She hardly ate any nutrients because she constantly ate rubbish and I had only actually started eating properly. Unfortunately as your hair is always six weeks behind your body, I was beginning to see the negatives of my illness and my hair began to fall out.
Lincoln (the last two pics) was absolutely beautiful, I loved the cobble streets, antique shops and tea rooms. I hope we return there in 2016.

March, a mixture of work and pleasure. 
During March I had my final art exam in which I produced a piece of printed patterns collaged together to create a abstract piece. It was tough work but paid off in the end.

It was also the month of the solar eclipse when the moon passed between the sun and the earth. At my school we were all forced to stand outside (in the cold) and stare at something we couldn't really see.

In late March we went away to Staffordshire with our grandparents, we visited the local marina (photo 3) and went out for a lovely meal (photo 4). On our last day my sister wanted to stay and travel back with my nana and granddad. So on our way back mum and I stopped off at Whitmore for some lunch (last two photos). We totally fell in love with both Whitmore itself and the lovely tea room there.
April, the month of my kitty.
At the beginning of April, we went away to Cheltenham and then Leamington spa for a girly treat away.
We went to lots of tea rooms, antique shops and much more we had a wonderful time! (first two pics)

The third picture is of us all at a family meal out, looking healthier and happier.

On the 18th of April we travelled all the way to Leeds to come into possession of my little princess, Violette. The fourth picture is of her first day in our home, she is so tiny and cute.

The lovely looking outfit laid of my bed is from a fantastic day me and my mum had in Ainsdale, the weather was so beautiful that you would of thought it was July not April.

Finally the last photo is of Violette after a couple of weeks in our house, she was so happy sneaking and hiding in all the different places.

May, the month of stress. My exams started in this month, I was also having sleep difficulties and I lost some weight. So May consisted of lots of revision and sleepless nights.

The first second and third picture is from the start of may before my exams started so I took off revision to take my sister to Manchester, we went to the science museum and then to a tea room.

The fourth and fifth picture are of me and Violette trying to study. Revision was definitely taking its toll.

The sixth photo is from a day in Southport. My mum said I needed a rest so we went for a lovely day out together.

June, freedom finally. 
On the 10th of June my mum and I did a double celebration, it was her birthday and I had finished my exams.
My summer began with our first trip to Cheshire, the weather was mild and Cheshire looked lovely.

The second photo is the gift my mum bought me for battling through my exams despite everything.
I love creme eggs!

The third photo is from a Saturday my mum and I took Zara to Skipton. The weather at home was warm so zara wore shorts and a t-shirt but after we had drove up to Skipton she realised the lake district was well less we had to buy her some pants and a top from a charity shop to keep her warm. We still joke about it now.

The next photo (4)  is from one time when we were watching a film, I was so happy not be stressed and worried. I could finally relax without a wave of guilt washing over me.

The gorgeous teapot and scrummy looking carrot cake (5) was definitely my favourite day in June and one of my favourites throughout the whole year. My mum and I went to thru the looking glass one last time before it closed for new ownership. We sat outside in the tiny garden with the sun shining down on us. I felt so happy.

During June, I visited Chester three times and I went to the Old Bank tea room three times, the sixth photo is from the third visit.

I also read probably the best book I read all year in June, It was called The teashop on the corner (7) and I related to each one of the characters in different ways.

The last two photos are from my mums favourite day in 2015, a trip we took to Liverpool. We spent the day shopping for our holiday in July. It was boiling, so we sat outside for lunch and then had to cover up our chocolate shortbread so it didn't melt under the sun.
July, our escape. 
The first photo is from when I got my hair done, all ready for Spain.

The next four photos are all from our holiday, my sister and mum tanned very well and loved the Spanish sun, I did not. However I did read a very good book whilst I was there, Santa Montefiore is a very good author and I love how all her books are set both and the past and present tense.

The sixth photo is (for my mums humour) from a bad day out, she is actually trying to hold back her laughter whilst I take a photo.

On the 17th of July, we took a trip up to Keswick, a place which I had never been to before. I prefer Skipton.

Next is Zara all dressed up for her end of year disco, she looks adorably grown up and me and mum were fighting back the tears.

The last photo is from when my mum took me to meet her friends in Whitmore, we had a lovely time.

August, a month of family, friends and faith.
To start August off nicely, my mum took me along to a afternoon tea she had been invited to in Liverpool (rather cheeky I know!) unfortunately the food was awful but the company was fabulous.

In mid August we went on a holiday to Pembrokeshire, so the second photo is from a travel break in Abergavenny. For the love of Cake is one of the best tea room/ cake shop I have ever been in and when I told the owner I wanted to own a tea room she insisted I had a photo behind her counter. (All four of the next pictures are from this holiday)

My mum looks fantastic on the fourth photo, so vibrant and full of life. I remember thinking at the time, how lucky to have a mum as wonderful as mine.

The eighth photo is the gift my mum bought me for my exam results, I missed the collection date as we were on holiday so as soon as we got back home we rushed to my school to collect them. I was so pleased, I had achieved higher than I predicted I would and I realised that I wasn't a pointless human being......I finally had some faith in myself.

The final photo is from when I went down to Birmingham to see Anna for her 16th Birthday, we had a great time.
September, happiness hits.
After my recent surprise of my results I began to see myself in new light. I was no longer ill, I felt great and I was eager to start afresh. I think that's why I took so many selfies.
The first picture is a gorgeous coffee and walnut cake I made, it went down a treat! I even took some to my friend whilst she was working because she wanted it that much.

I also got myself a little job in September, so the second photo is from a day before I set off to work.

The third photo shows the love between me and my princess, I love the way she purrs whenever I am near her so that I give her a stroke and a cuddle.

I also turned 17 in September and the fourth and fifth pictures are from my birthday, I went to Chester in the day and had a movie night in the evening.

Photo number six is from my birthday family meal at the weekend, my sister looks so cute.

The next picture is of some very unusual lemon and thyme shortbread I made. They were very different but tasty.

Photo number eight is from a summery day out with my mum.

The last photo is a gorgeous lemon velvet cake I made for my mum after a bad day at her work.
October,  autumn time. In Maderia. 
At the start of October the leaves started to fall and the weather started to cool. Hazy sunny days were perfect for pictures outside and I baked an autumnal apricot cake. (1 and 2).

My grandparents had planned to take us to their favourite place over half term, the warm island of Madeira. So before we left for our little holiday, I had two lovely days with my friends (3 and 4).

It was a nice break for my family and both my mum and sister really enjoyed themselves. (5 and 6).

My favourite day during the holiday was when my mum and I did a hill levada 10 mile walk, the views were fantastic.

Zara's favourite day was when we went up in the cable car to the top of the island but it rained so my grandad pulled out these ponchos from his mini rucksack and they were HUGE it was like something off Mary Poppins.

The last photo sums up what I did when I returned from our holiday.....cuddled my cat who I had missed very much.
November, celebrations starting.
To start November off nicely I made my well--liked cherry and almond cake.

The second photo is when I started to feel christmassy, I visited one of my favourite tea rooms and all their decorations were up. They even had a Christmas menu!

November the 22nd is a big day for my family and we had planned to celebrate it months before, photo number four is the pottery painting we did in the morning, we all thought it was fantastic.

Picture number five is from an evening I had walked home and got absolutely soaked, Violette didn't appreciate the cuddles but I did.

The last photo is from the next day when I laid in bed feeling sorry for myself as I had caught a cold.

December, CHRISTMAS!!!
No snow unfortunately this year, but that didn't stop Violette sleeping all month. I came home one night after Christmas shopping to find her snuggled up on my blanket in the first photo.

The second picture is my biscoff cake I made for the family.

Again the third photo is of my cat ....sleeping under the blanket.

Next the fourth picture is from a day out that went wrong we were hoping to go to the Haworth Christmas markets but we never actually found them instead we found a craft fair which was very sweet.

Picture number five is from a day my mum took off from work and we had a treat.... I really have to re-create that Christmas tiffin it was gorgeous.

The Fifth picture is before Zara's Christmas disco she looks so grown up and her hair is getting longer each day.

My bought red carnations for her Christmas flowers and they looked beautiful next to the Christmas cards. Throughout the year I had been sending letters to my friend Áine and we were see now extremely close, the little red card she handmade herself which I absolutely love.

The last two pictures are from Christmas day before we played some board games, we had a fabulous time and me and my sister were spoilt rotten.

2015 was not a brilliant year, it had its downs but I achieved so much and developed as a person in many ways. 
All the recipes to the cakes are under the recipe tab. 
BRING ON 2016......


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