Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Food of Love Cookery School - Book Review

If you have a passion for cooking, Italy or even just food in general, then this is definitely your book. 
For me it was absolutely wonderful, I adore Italy and the idea of a cookery school set in Sicily really appealed to me. 

Luca Amore has a cookery school in his Nonna's restored home, and each fortnight new people enrol on his Italian coking course from all around the world. He expects his next course to be the same as his previous ones but for his new pupils : Poppy, Valerie, Tricia and Molly they want more than just cookery lessons. 
The book is told from the third person perspective of Luca, and then the third person of each of the four female characters. So you get to know all the characters really well. 

It was such a gentle and light read, it had me imaging myself in Italy enjoying the sunshine and food with them all. 
The food descriptions were phenomenal and extremely well written and the book not only inspires you to cook more but to travel more as well.
Unfortunately the book finished too quickly. As they reach their last night and the book ends, you are left wondering what will happen to each of the characters and what their future holds.  


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