Monday, 15 February 2016

The Love Shack - Book Review

The love shack, a story which follows Dan and Gemma on their desperate and drastic chase to buy their dream property Pebble Cottage. 

Pebble Cottage, unfortunately is way out of their budget and even though Dan's parents are both wealthy he refuses to except any of their handouts, due to his shamble of an upbringing. 
Eventually the pair have to give in slightly; sell up and live with Dan's mum for a while.
Their relationship is put to the test as they try to survive the stress of buying a new house and putting up with Dan's mother 24/7.
Gemma finds the strain of the scenario most difficult and when she is tempted by her past she is forced to make a decision which could destroy Dan and hers future together.

Jane Costello is a wonderful writer, she turned something we all have to do in our lives into a great storyline. Its extremely realistic and relatable and all the characters have a certain uniqueness to them, which you can not help but love.
The book constantly switches from Dan's point of view to Gemma's, so you begin to see how each character feels about each twist and turn in the novel.
I thoroughly enjoyed the book and will definitely be keeping my eyes open for any more of Jane Costello's wonderful stories.


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