Thursday, 28 April 2016

All That Sparkles Tea Room Review - Oldham

All that sparkles tea room is in the outskirts of Oldham, a large town in Greater Manchester.
Known for their retro furnishings, antique crockery and scrumptious afternoon teas All that sparkles has been on my visiting list for some time.
I booked a table for two but had arrived a little later than planned, however the staff did not seem to mind at all.
My first thoughts of All That Sparkles was that the decor is stunning. Usually grey can be very dull and gloomy but combined with the shabby chic cream furniture the place looked beautiful.
The room is cosy and quite small with around ten tables, this does make it difficult for larger parties or people with pushchairs.

Each table had a lovely pale blue tablecloth and a old fashioned milk bottle containing fresh flowers. An excellent touch that actually improves and increases the emotional contact. The carnation is a delicate choice, perfect for a tea room of the size.
I did find the chairs we were seated on were slightly uncomfortable as they did not have any cushion or padding on the bottom.

The waitress that took our order was very polite and understood that we wanted our drinks before our food nor did she mind our picky request when it came to the food.
The range of choice on the menu is excellent and everything is priced reasonably.
Some of the cakes are displayed in a small counter at the front, the others are kept in the back. I was pleased to know that they had more choice but not being able to see them is slightly
exasperating. We ended up ordering something that if we had seen before hand, wouldnt of ordered.

The tea was brought first as requested. But in plain white porcelain tea pots??
The tea room pride themselves on their crockery and the china was there but on shelves around the room. Meaning the customers used boring white tea pots....confusing.

The food we ordered from the kitchen was presented well and on china plates (yay!).

The cake we ordered as the white chocolate and blueberry. This cake was not displayed in the cabinet but we liked the sound of it.
The slice appeared to missing the center portraying it may have been baked in a bundt tin...or it has lost a bit.
It was three layers of sponge separated by a buttercream, iced with a slab of white chocolate and what looked like (from its unusual colour) buttercream combined with white chocolate.
The sponge was light but very dull and the blueberries were tasteless, yet the buttercream was very smooth and sweet. The white chocolate top was also very plain and tasteless.Neither the two flavours of the white chocolate or blueberry came through.
Despite this let down I did have a wonderful time and loved how relaxed the place was.

Overall I would rate my experience at All That
Sparkles - 3 stars

Cleanliness - 3 Stars
Staff - 5 Stars
Tea - 5 Stars
Cake -0 Stars
Location - 3 Stars
Crockery - 3 Stars
Design - 4 Stars
Child Friendly - 1 Star


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