Tuesday, 3 May 2016

An area of serenity, right on my doorstep

Bank Holiday Monday, historically a day when banks would close so no trading could take place.
Nowadays its just a random day off from work or school, people spend the majority of the day lounging around or doing odd jobs around the house.
I had spent the morning up to my eyeballs in craft and in the afternoon fresh air was due and my daily walk needed.

Heapey is a small village, just a mere 15 minutes away from my home. Behind Heapey lies the picturesque hamlet; White Coppice.

We parked at the back of Heapey by a collection of small cottages and followed the public footpath sign over the bridge.

The footpath was a little steep and went past a few farmers fields, we then came to an adorable but incredibly large cottage with sage green exterior. It was very isolated and would be a perfect place to hide away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
We had to walk through the gate at the end and over a hill which led down to a dip where the White Coppice cricket pitch was.
After the cricket pitch the hill leads off in many different ways we walked up and then to the left towards Brinscall.

The air was light and unbelievable that it had followed after a morning of rain. The sun shone through the clouds and as the rays of spring sunshine hit my face, I remembered that my life will always be worth living, despite the darkness in my past. Letting go of the things in life that you can not change is the only way you can expect to be happy.
No one's life will be perfect, hard times are likely to happen. But no matter how tough they are you are always tougher.

We came out by the small park in Brinscall and then followed the goit running behind Brinscall back towards White Coppice. This part was very similar to walking along a canal but a lot calmer and soothing. When we returned to White Coppice we came across three cats, one shy, one brave and one friendly. All are characteristics I have.

They say things come in threes.


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