Sunday, 22 May 2016

Me before You - Book Review

This story is a very captivating read but grab a box of tissues, it will definitely bring out your emotional side.

My mother read this book a couple of months back and she burst into tears on public transport with the sheer devastation she felt for the story.
She lent me the book and warned me to not get too engrossed by the storyline, but of course, I did.

The book follows the life of a normal girl called Lou (Louisa) who lives in a remote village and has a extremely wacky dress sense.
When Lou loses her comfortable job at her local cafe she is forced to find new work, her family count on her to bring a steady income, into their small struggling household.
She manages to land herself a job, working for the Trayner family as a career for their quadriplegic son, Will.

Unfortunately for Lou, Will does not want anybodys help, he used to be successful, he used to be active, he used to be many things. He is not used to having to ask for help especially from his family. He is filled with hopeless frustration and anger; Meaning that  Lou's first few weeks as his carer are awfully difficult and uncomfortable for her.
However as time goes by Will's attitude towards happy go lucky Lou changes.

This book is slowly captivating, the story takes its time to unfold but from what seems the first chapter, you never want to put the book down.
I found myself thinking about the characters regularly, even when I was out working!

The book goes on to touch a really controversial subject and even the most insensitive of people will have their heart strings pulled.


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