Thursday, 28 July 2016

The Fourteas - Stratford Upon Avon

Stratford upon Avon is a well known medieval town in the west midlands of England. It is the birthplace of William Shakespeare meaning it is one of england's most popular tourist attractions.
Taken from Google images as I forgot to take a pic of shop front! 
The Fourteas tearoom is situated on Sheep street and is a theatrical tea room entirely themed on 40s Britain. I had seen a review on it AGES ago and have been dying to go since.
We arrived to Stratford early afternoon and after a wander around the quaint shops we headed towards the tea room, it was a friday so they were busy but not packed.

The front of house seated us towards the back, near the cake counter. There is also an adorable outside seating area which a few were bravely enjoying the little sunshine we had that day.

The tea room itself is 1940s themed but quite minimalistic my favorite feature is the menus - replica ration books these were placed on the table by waitress, another sweet touch was that all the staff had a 1940s housewife-style uniform complete with a headscarf.

They offer a variety of 18 different loose leaf teas, each with a specific amount of brewing time shown with a timer. 
I ordered the rose tea which came in a traditional (but very dull) 1940s tea pot. The tea itself was strong in colour and taste but lacked the delicateness of other rose blends that I have tried.

The fourteas provide afternoon tea called Ivor Novello afternoon tea, this is for £14 per person (minus the prosecco) It is extremely popular and great value for money. 

Before arriving at the tea room I already knew I wanted to order the 1940s traditional war tea bread, packed with cherries and sultanas. 
They warmed the tea bread as opposed to toasting it, this was because it was more like a cake than a loaf and served it with a traditional English butter. The flavour and aroma of the bread was incredible and I would definitely recommend it to any British tea lover. 
I also tried the fruit scone with jam. These were presented neatly on a little white doily, and the jam and cream came in a small glass ramekin. 
The texture of my scone was perfect; crunchy on the outside, soft within. The jam was very fruity and possibly homemade.

My only criticisms about the four teas would be that I personally felt the staff were stressed and even though the tea room wasn't full they seemed to be struggling. Meaning their customer care wasn't as good as it should of been. 

I was also extremely disappointed that when I visited there was no music playing, 1940s music is very soothing so it would of made the experience more relaxing for us. 

Overall I would rate my experience at The Fourteas tearoom - 4 stars

Cleanliness - 4 Stars
Staff - 2 Stars
Tea - 2 Stars
Food - 5 Stars
Location - 5 Stars
Crockery - 3 Stars

Design - 3 Stars
Child Friendly - 0 Stars


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