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Poppins Tea Room - Horwich Lancashire

Horwich is a small town on the way into Bolton,
Poppins tea room offers brunches, lunches and afternoon teas with a twist.
Displayed in the front window is a large three tier poppins cake, which is colourful and very quirky. There is also a little Mary Poppins doll near the till, however apart from those two touches there is little else to do with Mary Poppins.
Overall the tea room has an edwardian feel to it with dark mahogany wood furniture, lace tablecloths and chandeliers.;geo=2543078&detail=9563878

(I visited for a brunch during September 2016.)
Their menu is separated into sections: morning, light meals, afternoon tea, drinks and desserts.
The "Morning Fayre" sections consists of porridge, toast, and eggs, lots of eggs.
The light meals section offers soup (which was cream of leek), ploughmans, jacket potatoes, cold sandwiches and grilled sandwiches.

But I should mention the fillings for the jacket potato were cheese,beans, tuna, ham, chicken, bacon and cottage cheese.
The cold sandwiches and grilled sandwiches had different options to the jacket potato fillings. I noticed the grilled sandwiches all contained cheese and the cold sandwiches were cheddar, salmon and ham. Not only did they not offer the classic tuna or egg sandwich there was only one vegan choice on the whole menu, a jacket potato with baked beans. For a food establishment this is incredibly poor.

The tea menu on the other hand is very good offering a choice of black, green and herbal teas all for the price of £2.45 for one and £3.95 for two. I chose the "Morning Dew" green tea, a green sencha tea combined with mango. It was very refreshing  and the mango was perfectly subtle and did not eliminate the taste of the sencha.

Moving on to my order I really struggled to decide, the cakes were listed in the back and were scones, victoria sandwich, carrot cake, toffee pudding and chocolate. My heart always sinks when I see the cakes listed on the menu as I know the chef/chefs put very little effort into the cakes produced as they do the same each week. This is also a method tea rooms use if they buy their cakes in from a local bakery. Im not entirely sure which one it is but I was so down hearted and let down that I shared some toast and a scone with my mother.

The toast was a lovely thick bloomer bread but was served with a very small amount of spread.

When the scone arrived  was surprised to see it was coated in sugar. A sugar crusted scone is not something you see often, combined with the mixed fruit in the scone and then the jam spread over the top it tasted like I was eating "a spoonful of sugar"!
It also tasted very strongly of coconut so we refused to eat another morsel.

To try and make up for this disastrous treat my mother ordered a piece of carrot cake from the menu. Unfortunately I didn't take a picture of the cake but it was two plain sponges of carrot cake (No nuts or raisins) separated by a small layer of buttercream and then topped with more buttercream. The sponge was very spicy but lacked the wow factor as it missed the raisins and nuts. The buttercream was also far too sweet as would of been nicer if it been mixed through with some cream cheese or fresh cream.

My visit here was not very enjoyable so,

Overall I would rate my experience at Poppins Tea Room  - 2 stars

Cleanliness - 3 Stars
Staff - 2 Stars
Tea - 2 Stars
Food - 1 Stars
Location - 1 Stars
Crockery - 5 Stars

Design - 4 Stars
Child Friendly - 0 Stars


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