Saturday, 4 February 2017

Product review - Marks and Spencers Quinoa, Spelt, Peanuts, Almonds & Pistachios

Quinoa, Spelt, Peanuts, Almonds & Pistachios 

This one is one of my favourites and contains both quinoa and spelt instead of couscous or rice. Like any other grains the quinoa and spelt add substance making the salad more wholesome. The texture is unusual but in a good way!  
It includes broccoli, green beans, carrot and large green peas which gives it a fresh crunch. 
Combining these raw vegetables with the flavour of the nuts makes it more nutritious. 
I do not believe the dressing needs to be included as the ginger destroys the natural flavour and the vegetables, but this is just a matter of opinion.
I would also add that after reading the ingredients I do not think you can taste all the purees and juices such as the ginger and pomegranate.

My favourite thing about this salad is that it contains broccoli stems as well as broccoli.  

This salad pot contains; cooked quinoa, black eyed beans, carrot, cooked spelt, peas, green beans, sunflower oil, broccoli stems, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds pistachios, poppy seeds, honey, coriander, ginger puree, lime juice, red chilli puree, garlic puree, concentrated pomegranate juice, red wine vinegar. 


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