Sunday, 19 February 2017

Vegan Product Review: Marks and Spencers Salad Pots

Golden Beetroot, Beetroot Buckwheat and Millet 

Okay, so lets start with the worst

Rice, Lentils & Roast Aubergine  

Orzo Pasta & Roasted Tomatoes 

Spelt, Orzo, Rice & Roast Squash 

Moroccan Style Fruity Couscous

Wheatberries, Couscous and Butternut 

Quinoa, Spelt, Peanuts, Almonds & Pistachios 

Edamame Soybeans, Apples, Sugar Snap Peas & Coriander


Couscous & Roasted Vegetables 

Giant Couscous, Chickpeas, Edamame Soybeans & Green Lentils

Cauliflower, Quinoa & Harissa Spiced Chickpeas 

(contains non vegan dressing which is separate)

                                                             And finish with the best

 Quinoa, Black rice & Edamame Soybeans 


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