Monday, 27 March 2017

Vegan Product Review : Aldi's Cashew Crush

So in a previous blog post I spoke about how Aldi have tried to diversify their product range, and as I shop at Aldi often it wasn't long before I bought something else to try.

This time I picked up their version of Nakd bars Cashew Cookie. To be able to compare the two I would recommend that you have tried Nakd's first.
Ingredients wise they are both exactly the same ; 49% Dates and 51% Cashews.
So it will be interesting to see the difference between the two.

Personally I am not keen on the packaging, I think it looks uninteresting and quite masculine. It reminds me of the energy bars hikers use. 

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         In comparison to Cashew cookie this bar visually is a lot paler, its like a toffee colour so perhaps if  I gave it to my sister, I could convince her that she was eating fudge.  The shape of it is more flat and square where as a nakd bar is more of a curved shape.
On my first bite I noticed that the texture is a little tougher than a Nakd bar but then I was surprised to find that the taste is actually very similar! 

However I probably wouldn't say that it is exactly the same. This bar is only 39p per bar so I expect that it will not have as good quality dates as the Nakd's Cashew Cookie. Nevertheless I think it tastes great and if you are thinking of it economically wise this bar is much better. 


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