Saturday, 25 March 2017

Vegan Product Review : Pecan Pie Nakd Bar

Today I tried another Nakd bar! 
I'm trying to sample them all, but certain flavours are actually quite difficult to get my hands on. This time I tried Pecan Pie which I bought from my local Holland Barrett when they were doing the "Buy one gets one for a penny" offers, which meant I got to buy another flavour for dirt cheap!

Now I have to admit I have never actually tried a real pecan pie so I am not going to be very good at comparing it to the actual thing. However,  I can give you an insight to the flavour and my very honest opinion ;).

Unlike the other, this bar has different ingredients. The Dates have gone up by 1% compared to the cashew cookie and instead of the usually chopped cashews, there is a combination of pecans (28%) and Almonds (20%).

I really like the packaging on this one, it reminds me of the wonderful orange tones that we get in autumn.

In terms of texture, this one is a lot nuttier but not in a good way, it tasted gritty and reminded me of desiccated coconut.  Neither the pecan or almond was prominent so compared to the others it was rather dull.

I could however taste the date a little so luckily it did have some flavour, after my first bite I wasn't keen on how much the nuts got stuck in my teeth yet I tried it again (just to be sure).
This time I got a sweetness from the dates that was very comparable to maple syrup... does an actual pecan pie taste of maple syrup?
But the grittiness hit me again so this Nakd bar is going at the bottom of the hierarchy for me.


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