Saturday, 22 April 2017

Vegan Product Review : Deliciously Ella Ginger and Cashew Energy Ball

Many of you might not know this, I am a huge Deliciously Ella fan. I adore her books and always keep up to date with her blog and Instagram.
I am not new to her energy balls as her raisin and hazelnut flavoured one is my all time favourite shop bought snack.
This flavour, however, I have always been a bit more apprehensive about as I am not the biggest ginger fan. But after an email request by one of you lovely people, I decided to give it ago.

An Ella ball is roughly the size of a golf ball and weighs 40g. They are sold in Waitrose, Holland and Barrett, Starbucks and on Ocado and amazon.

They can be quite expensive but they are made from good quality ingredients and you do have to pay for the branding. I chose to buy mine from Holland and Barrett as they regularly include them in their buy one get one-half price offers and sometimes even their penny sales.

This particular ball is only made with four ingredients; Dates, Cashews, Oats and Ground Ginger.

Per ball, there is 152kcal, 6.8g of fat, 16.1g of sugars, 1.5g of fibre and 3.5g of protein. But please remember that it is healthy fats from the cashews and natural sugars from the dates!!

Each ball is quite dense and I find it easier to chop mine with a knife into chunks before eating (doing this also makes them last longer too).

The texture and consistency is in between marzipan and a nakd bar, with a soft and thick chewiness.

When I tried this flavour, the cashews gave it a nice nutty element but the ginger was very FIERY and hurt the back of my throat.
It reminded me of gingerbread but the spiciness was too much for me.


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