Monday, 24 April 2017

Vegan Product Review :Nakd Bar Apricot Crunch

I found this Nakd bar, especially hard to find in my local shops. The smaller Holland and Barrett's seemed not to stock it as much as the other flavours. Luckily for me, I recently took a trip to Manchester where they have built a two-level store with a lot more stock than a smaller store.

Apricot Crunch is a new flavour they brought out last year along with peanut butter and carrot cake.
It is another addition to their fruity flavoured family and as I suspected, was very sweet.

You rarely find apricot flavoured things, so it is an unusual flavour for the company to have chosen.
This particular bar was very aromatic and the apricot scent was very prominent once I opened the packaging.

The taste was unfortunately far too sweet for my liking, very similar to the sweetness you find in something like an apricot sorbet. But for others, I can imagine it would be quite refreshing and summery.
I also think the soya protein crunchies do not work well with this particular flavour so unfortunately for me this is going to the bottom of my list. 


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