Thursday, 20 April 2017

Vegan Traveller : The Egg Cafe (Liverpool)

Ok, let's get one thing straight first, the egg cafe is my HEAVEN ON EARTH. Well, that's if I believed in heaven but whatever it's amazing. To me it there is nothing else comparable to it and it will always be my favourite vegetarian establishment.
Located on Bold street, it is a little bit away from the main section of Liverpool and closer to the student area.

It opens at 9.00 am during the week and 10.00 am on the weekends and then closes and 10;30 pm. I have only ever visited at night time as they light candles, dim the lights and play indie rock music such as oasis or the kinks.

Their evening menu is not even that impressive, it includes soup with the option of toast or a few different flavoured garlic breads, hummus with pitta and salad, quiche, bean burgers and usually a couple of specials such as lasagna or a lentil bake. But I don't go for a lavish meal or for a fancy, formal experience. I go there for an enjoyable and inexpensive evening with my friends.

You have to climb a few stairs as it is the attic of a tall building. Making it even more unique with its unusual view of that particular end of  Liverpool. To order you have to order at the till and you are given a little slip with your number on, then when they shout your number you give them a lil wave and they bring it over to you. Easy as pie!

On my first visit, I tried a meal deal which included soup, a main meal and a dessert for under ten pounds. The soup was parsnip and mustard flavoured and luckily wasn't brought cold as I remember feeling very chilly that day and it warmed me up a great deal before my pitta and salad, which I ordered for my main course.
Unfortunately, I was far too full to eat my desert there, so I took a slice of their vegan chocolate fridge cake home.

The next time I visited, the egg cafe was a lot quieter as it was a weekday evening. I had been very unwell the night before and my mother wanted to try and cheer me up, I wasn't up to eating much so we shared the pitta and hummus meal between us. It too was again delicious and came with a pasta salad and my favourite bean and pepper salad.

My most recent visit was on a Friday evening and it was so busy! We managed to find a lovely table by the window which was set back from the rest of the restaurant. It was a perfect spot for people watching and by doing so I noticed that the majority of people brought their own alcohol as they offer a corkage of only £1.


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