Monday, 24 April 2017

Vegan Traveller : Fig and Sparrow (Manchester)

Manchester is a fantastic city full of wonderful and wacky shops, cafes, restaurants and bars. One of my ultimate favourites is the Fig and Sparrow cafe.

I'm not quite sure what the butter was for? 

In January I went for lunch at Fig and Sparrow,  it is a delightful cafe with a rustic Canadian feel to it. Their soup of the day is also vegan and they offer one or two vegan sandwiches on their rustic homemade bread.
On this particularly cold day, I ordered the spiced sweet potato and lentil soup which was, unfortunately, a little bit too spicy for my liking!

Their crockery is simple and sweet and it's worth going just to use their mustard and red teacups.

In February I returned to Manchester and took yet another trip to Fig and Sparrow, this time I took my little sister for breakfast. I ordered a green tea and had their fig and walnut bread toasted.
I much prefer mornings at Fig and sparrow as the lunchtime trade can be rather overwhelming and it was lovely to just sit and relax with my sister in the booth.

I had the opportunity to return again in late February for a quick drink and a catch up with my friend. Again I chose to visit early morning because I knew we wouldn't be able to get a table later on in the day.

Neither of us fancied much to eat so I ordered a tea and my friend ordered a cappuccino. Fig and Sparrow are very popular for their coffees and they do offer alternative milk such as soya and almond.

|I have always found my experience rather pleasant and relaxing at Fig and Sparrow but this may be due to te fact that I have always chosen the right time. The atmosphere on all my visits has been welcoming and therefore enjoyable. I have alway felt like its somewhere you want to stay and relax for a while with your coffee.

Another wonderful thing about Fig and Sparrow is that not only is it a lovely cafe it is a shop too, full of unique little treasures for your home.


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