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Vegan Traveller : Flax and Kale Barcelona

During my trip to Barcelona, one of the world's most vegan-friendly cities I had some amazing food. But my experience at Flax and Kale was the most memorable.

Flax and Kale is a healthy Flexitarian restaurant, a Flexitarian is someone leading a plant based diet who occasionally eats meat or fish. I am obviously not a Flexitarian but their menu is predominately plant-based with over twenty vegan options.

I heard about Flax and Kale, along time before I visited Barcelona as one of my role model's, Livia's Kitchen visited there a couple of summers ago. Her Instagram post looked incredible, the place appeared so fresh and clean and her food looked to die for!
I straight away put it onto my bucket list to visit one day and luckily enough for me, we picked Barcelona for an easter holiday this year.

The Restaurant is run on a strict timetable,
Meaning you can not order anything out of the menu provided for the time that you visit.
I would thoroughly recommend that you book a table as even though it is a large place, it is incredibly popular and trust me if you are visiting Barcelona you do not want to miss this one out.

We booked a table for 2 pm on a Tuesday meaning we got the Lunch and Dinner weekday menu, I believe this is the better menu out of the four. It has a lot more variety and most of the vegan options are less limited.

On arrival we were seated downstairs on a table by the window, the staff were great and spoke fairly good English, understanding our requests for more tea and water.
On the topic of water, you get given a bottle of Teresa's water but there is a $2 charge for it at the end if you use it, however it can be refilled as many times as you like.

After browsing through the menu, mum and I decided to share two of their salads between us. We chose the raw super bowl and the fermented papaya antiaging salad. At 11 and 13.50 euro's they were the biggest salads, I have ever eaten in my life.
The one of the right (as you can probably gather) is the fermented papaya antiaging salad. This consisted of grilled papaya, roasted grapes, tempeh, peanuts, spinach, cherry tomatoes,  snow peas, cucumber, toasted sesame and fermented papaya sauce.

The grilled papaya was very flavoursome and I loved the freshness of the cherry tomatoes, the combination of the peanuts with the fruit was unusual but extremely tasty.
However, I really disliked the tempeh and the papaya sauce was far too sweet for me. I also found the grapes rather odd as they had a very soggy texture.

So out of the two, my favourite was definitely the one of the left which is the Raw Super bowl, which was leafy greens, coleslaw hummus (purple one), carrot betacarotene hummus (pale orange one), courgette tagliatelle with a turmeric pesto, cucumber asazuke, cherry tomatoes with a basil pesto, red cabbage sauerkraut and sprouts.

My reasoning for this would be that both the hummus's were incredible! Especially the carrot beta-carotene one. I also adored the combination of the turmeric pesto with the courgette noodles. Unfortunately, I wasn't too keen on the cucumber asazuke, which is basically pickled cucumber and there probably was too many "leafy greens" but I loved it nonetheless.

Later on, in the week, we returned to visit the juice bar section of Flax and Kale, to buy two of their fresh juices to rehydrate and cleanse our bodies after a heavy morning of sightseeing.I found it difficult to choose which particular juice was best for me, as there was so many. In the end, we decided to share a "forever young" and a "green medicine."

The "forever young consisted of orange, turmeric, pineapple, grape, carrot, lime and lucuma.
The stronger tasting ingredients were the carrot and orange, with the turmeric as a subtle aftertaste. It was so refreshing and surprising unsweet.

The "green medicine" as I suspected was much better, I always prefer green smoothies! Made out of pear, grape, cucumber, spinach, kale, parsley, lemon and dandelion.

It was delicious, the pear was the main flavour and I loved the hint of lemon. I'm not quite sure I tasted the parsley and dandelion but I'm guessing hat they were in there!

We decided to take our juices out and sat sipping them in the sunshine at a local park.

Whilst we were there we booked a table to return again on Sunday, before we flew home. On Sundays, they have a set "Sunday brunch" menu which meant that there were fewer vegan options.

After contemplating for a long time, I decided to just have the raw superfood bowl again, just because I found it so delicious. Although this time I asked if they could replace the cucumber asazuke with some fresh beetroot.

They were more than happy to do this far me and it meant that I enjoyed my second one much more than the first!
If I ever return to Barcelona I would certainly go back to Flax and Kale as it was the best food I had during my trip. 


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