Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Product Review : Aldi's Paleo Bar - Brazil Nut and Cherry Flavoured

It is easier said than done to keep track of Aldi's new vegan product range. Every time I seem to visit my local store I notice something new!
After reading about these on a vegan Facebook group I made it my objective to discover them in my next shop.
There are many paleo - friendly bars in the market and for Aldi to develop a cheap version is a rather clever idea. Bars from companies such as the Primal Pantry range can cost up to £3 for a four pack in a supermarket, whereas these "Paleo Bars" cost only £2 for 5!

The packaging I feel is very earthy and natural. It is clear what they are and the design is very simple.

Turing it over to look at the ingredients I realised it is clearly labelled that they main ingredient is dates (50%), followed by brazil nut pieces which take up (40%). Then there is a small percentage of sour cherries (10%) and an addition of almond oil. They are the first bar I have seen that contain almond oil so I was quite surprised to read this.

In terms of nutrition the bar provides, 205kcal, 11g of (nut) fat, 17g of (natural) sugar, 4.2g of fibre, 3.5g of protein and a 0.01g of salt. So not much to worry about really...

Ok, what about the colour, shape, taste and texture?

The colour is incredibly dark, the cherries obviously provide a darkness and the shape, well it's huge! It is extremely thick and chunky so you are definitely getting value for money.
When biting into it, I was shocked at how nutty it was. The brazil nuts were a little gritty so at first, I was not too sure, then I got a sweet but sour after taste from the combination of the dates and cherries. I really liked this as the dates were mellowed out by the tartness of the cherries.YUM!
It was fairly moist and quite easily to break into little chunks as opposed to biting into it.

They also offer an alternative which is macadamia and coconut flavoured so keep your eyes peeled for a review of that one soon!


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