Thursday, 4 May 2017

Product Review : Eat Real Veggie Straws

Today I tried yet another Eat Real snack! This time is was the Veggie straws which were tomato, kale and spinach flavoured.

Like the other crisps/ chips available they are in a large bag weighing 113g. The packaging is simple, clean and clear. It is obvious that they are healthy, vegan and gluten free.
For £1.30 a bag from my local health shop I think they are great value fo money.
Per 100g there is 497kcal, 25.5g fat, 2.0g of sugars, 3.1g of protein and 1.91g of salt.

When reading the ingredients I was surprised to find that they actually only include tomato powder, kale powder and spinach powder. Not the actual vegetable itself. Along with potato, vegetable oil, salt, sugar, red beet, calcium chloride and turmeric I was intrigued to find out what the taste was actually like.

Immediately upon opening, I was shocked and pleased to see that they actually were different colours! Red, yellow and green, obviously for each of the flavours... how cool!

So naturally, I went for the kale first, the dark green one and was incredibly disappointed at how bland it was. Therefore I moved on to the tomato one hoping it would have more flavour but no such luck, bland again!
Third time lucky I tried the spinach one but nope it was just as dull as the other two.

The best way to describe this blandness is to compare it to a really cheap french fries packet but with the texture of a quaver.


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