Sunday, 21 May 2017

Vegan Product Review :Nakd Nibbles Coconut Bliss

I am in heaven! Today I tried, my first packet of nakd nibbles and its fair to say they did not disappoint!

Growing up I was quite wary of coconut, I didn't like the coconut quality street so I just assumed I didn't like coconut altogether (how wrong I was!) My transition into becoming a coconut-loving vegan started when I first used coconut milk in a curry, then drank aplro coconut milk and eventually in Barcelona I tried raw coconut for the first time... since then I have never looked back.

Nakd Bars are a staple food in my diet, they are a great vegan snack that you can find in plenty of shops. As there are so many varieties of the bar I haven't really paid much attention to the nibbles before. However, I noticed these little beauties one day when I was queuing up in Primark.

They are very similar to the bars as they are cold pressed and contain one of your five a day. They have the same soft texture as the bars but come in little bite size pieces which take ALOT longer to eat.

The ingredients are dates (48%), cashews (24%), raisins (18%), cocoa (4%), toasted coconut (4%), rice flour and a hint of natural flavouring.

The taste of the coconut comes through nicely with a hint of chocolate.The coconut coating around them results in the first flavour being coconut followed by a fruity and nutty flavour afterwards,
Many people have described them to me as a healthy version of a bounty bar but I have never eaten one of those..... but I love these!


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