Monday, 19 June 2017

Vegan Traveller : Alley Cafe Bar Nottingham

After a hectic morning of shopping and planet bounce, I wanted to take my little sister somewhere extra special and completely vegan for lunch.

I had researched on my phone the night before and decided that the alley cafe bar was our best option.
Finding the cafe was a little harder than I anticipated, with the navigation on my phone taking us down some very dodgy alleys.
When we eventually did find the cafe and climbed the stairs, we were both rather impressed. The style is comparable to a European cafe bar, with a very relaxed feel, yet the interior is quite quirky too.
I found the whole place rather intimate and cosy. We sat down at one of the bench style tables towards the back and browsed the menu.

It is mostly casual food but there is still plenty of options, all for a reasonable price. I let Zara browse through the menu and pick for us. She spent a while deciding between the falafel burger and the pitta with hummus and falafels. In the end, she settled for the second option as the pitta came with hummus (which she knows I love) and because she wanted to try their falafels.

To drink I had to order a green tea, which came in a cup as they sadly did not have teapots. Luckily the waitress was more than happy to top up my cup with hot water whenever I asked.

We didn't have to wait too long for our food to arrive and when it did we were both very excited. The falafels smelt amazing and the salad looked delicious!
So we dug into our falafels first and they did not disappoint, although I am sad to say that the hummus and vegan tzatziki was a little dull.

After we finished our meal, we sat talking about what it was like for us now Zara has turned vegan. It is a very mature decision but one I am very proud of.
Once we had paid and left, I took her to Holland and Barrett to pick some vegan sweets as a reward for her mature behaviour in the cafe.

I really did enjoy my experience at the Alley Cafe Bar and I know Zara did too. So if I ever find myself in Nottingham again I will be sure to visit them again.


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