Thursday, 15 June 2017

Vegan Traveller : Cafe Kino Bristol

Cafe Kino is a popular cafe that is excellent for the students of Bristol, its affordable, comfortable and completely vegan. But what most people don't know about this cafe is that it is a workers co-op meaning it is a non-profit organisation.
They thrive on a positive community and therefore aim to make it comfortable for everyone.

Vegans can find it uneasy and awkward in many establishments having to ask for this without that. So by making easy and enjoyable vegan food, everyone is happy.

Beneath the cafe is a large basement, where the team hold events and they allow others to hire it out for classes such as yoga, reading groups, drawing sessions and much more.

Moving back to the food (the best bit of course) everything on the menu is either locally sourced or made on site, for example; the falafels, cakes, burgers etc are all made by their chefs.

The menu is quite large but could be more diverse, when I visited in May, I did think a lot of the food was basic cafe food, such as sandwiches, soups and burgers.

I visited with my friend and we decided to share the salad platter and a pitta with houmous. For a total of £9.00 (£6.00 and £3.00), I was astounded by the quantity of food we were given. It looked rather impressive.

We started with one of the many strips of pitta and covered it in houmous, the pitta was very thick,  I thought it was more like a flatbread but it was lovely and fresh. The houmous was a little dull and we came to the conclusion that you needed a lot of it to get a good taste.

Then we made our way onto the salad platter, slowly trying each section, before digging in.
I am very sad to say that we were not impressed. Every section was dull and tasteless. No, I am lying everything just tasted of garlic. We didn't finish our salad as we were too disappointed by it.

Despite our poor food we sat and drank tea for a little longer, just enjoying the atmosphere. It's not every day that you feel welcome in a cafe and do not have that overwhelming feeling of annoying the staff by outstaying your "welcome".


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