Saturday, 24 June 2017

Vegan Traveller : Comptoir Libanais Exeter

Comptoir Libanais is a chain in the UK. The Exeter restaurant is fairly popular with a good location by the shops. The food is based on Lebanese and middle eastern diets which are somewhat similar to Turkish.

Starting as a "counter" in London the company has been very successful over the past nine years.
all the restaurants are extremely colourful and offer takeouts, click n collect and a unique dining experience.

When I visited I was certain that the experience would be fun and the food would be amazing.. how wrong I was.

There is not a vegan menu, so if you do visit be sure to inform the waiter/waitress of your dietary requirements. I am also sad to say that when I visited they did not have any labelled vegan wine and they were not sure of the ingredients of the others.

The decor in all the restaurants is pretty phenomenal, bright colours, eccentric lights and wacky seating. It definitely made us feel happy about being there.

When ordering the food I was incredibly excited, the menu is great with interesting flavours and foods listed.

I ordered a falafel salad and Baba Ghanuj. The first thing I should mention is that all the dips come with a white doughy pitta and they do not have any other options. This was quite difficult for us as my friend cannot eat white bread, due to IBS.

We placed our orders and my friend had to change what she was ordering due to the lack of options. Our food arrived well before the drinks which was rather annoying especially since we had only asked for tea and ice water.

We tried to forget this little mishap and moved on to the food. I started with the pitta bread and dipped it into the Baba Ghanuji. It was not very pleasant as the pitta was soggy and the dip incredibly salty. I moved on to the salad and luckily the falafels were not too bad but the actual salad itself was covered in cider vinegar. This is listed on the menu but I can assure you it was swimming in it. I put my fork down and decided enough was enough. I paid for our drinks and dips but refused to pay for the dreadful salad.

The service is lacking, the food is poor and even though the restaurant looks lovely, I will not return to a Comptoir Libanais.


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