Saturday, 1 July 2017

Vegan Traveller : Zizzi Nottingham - with a vegan kid in toe!

Okay, I know I have reviewed Zizzi before but this time it is different. This time Zara came with me and now she has turned VEGAN. Yes, you heard me my little "I love sausages" sister has decided to become vegan. She is slowly adapting to her new lifestyle. Attempting to try new foods whilst I kept prattling on at her to "open your mind" and not to "judge it before you have tasted it."

After a week or so, we braved something we have never done before, a fully vegan meal together. We chose Zizzi as she feels comfortable and familiar there except this time we swapped her £6.75 kids menu for a vegan feast with us.

As we approached the restaurant she was nervous and excited (she likes to call it nervous-ited). Asking what would happen if they did something wrong and gave her cheese or meat by mistake. So when ordering I was very firm and precise with the waitress to make her feel more comfortable.

We ordered a Rustica Margherita, half with their coconut oil based cheese and half without. Then we topped it with spinach, butternut and peppers.Mum and I are not the biggest pizza fans but we ordered it to show Zara that vegans do not just eat houmous and apples.

The cheese was not really too my liking as I never really have liked the texture of melted cheese but Zara loved it, she even ate all the toppings!
WE then shared a Green Goddess salad along with the Spaghetti Pomodoro except we asked for penne as it would be easier to share.

As I suspected she was not really into the salad but she is only eleven after all and I do not think many eleven-year-olds eat salad. Though she did make sure that she ate all the broccoli before she said she didn't like it... she loves her broccoli!

The pasta was more to her liking, the sauce had a bit of a kick to it which she loved, however, my mum struggled with it so I guess its impossible to make everyone happy!

I do think the Zizzi vegan menu is very impressive, making it easier for vegans to dine out with their friends without the stress. I do feel that the food has never been outstanding but that has never stopped me going, I find it an easy option and non-vegans seem comfortable there.


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